The 健康学者计划 is the perfect preparation for students interested in a health-related career! Along with providing a community of like-minded students, Health Scholars will give you important professional experiences and the skills and preparation that you need to succeed in any form of post-graduate health program. Our graduates are well-prepared and highly successful in everything from Medicine to small and large animal Veterinary practices, 物理治疗, 和医疗保健管理.

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If you are interested in or considering a career in any of the following health or health-related careers:

  • Medicine    
  • Pharmacy
  • Dentistry  
  • 兽医
  • Optometry
  • 健康相关领域的研究生

“This is an amazing program, and to anyone wanting to get an incredible education--look no further.  There is a reason that Georgetown produces so many PhD, DVM, MD, DO, MS, RN, and APRN professionals--they help you become the best you and the best scientist that you can be.” 
Dr. Brian Chaffin, D.O., '13, Internal Medicine Resident at Bowling Green Medical Center


  • 1000美元/年奖学金
  • 领导机会
  • Partnership with UK School of Medicine Early Assurance Program
  • 实际医疗相关经验(例如.g. 缝合诊所)
  • Dozens of events per year to hear from various medical professionals
  • Shadowing opportunities through our Preceptorship program
  • Tours of medical/dental schools/veterinary hospitals
  • 医疗任务旅行
  • Networking opportunities with alumni who are currently in professional school
  • 志愿服务机会
  • Assigned a pre-health/health care administration advisor
  • Freshmen seminar section dedicated to those enrolled in the program
  • 暑期研究机会

"Without the Georgetown College biology department, I wouldn't have had the courage or the knowledge to get into Optometry school. I couldn't have been more prepared for my entrance exam, and my incredible professors are to thank for that!"
Hayley Hamman Childers, 2016


  • Apply
  • 高中平均绩点3分.2
  • 两封推荐信
  • Essay explaining why you want to pursue a career in the health sciences
  • Interview at Georgetown Scholars Day (if invited)


  • 总绩点保持在2分.75
  • 每学期至少参加两次活动.  These may include but are not limited to attending a Pre-Health Association meeting, 在教会诊所做志愿者, 参观专业学校, 和/或参加演讲
  • Scholars must complete a Preceptorship/Internship/Research opportunity by the fall of their senior year   

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